Andreas Martini

*1979 Germany
Studio near Leipzig, Germany

“The most revolutionary act is a clear view of the world as it really is.”

Rosa Luxemburg

“It seems to me that drawings... do not lament distance, but reply with a single word: HERE.
Drawings offer hospitality to an invisible company, which is with us.”

John Berger

Andreas Martini is an artist and designer based near Berlin, Germany.


atelier MARTINI
c/o Andreas Martini

Rothenburger Strasse 13
06193 Wettin-Löbejün

T: +49 34607 one 80 280
T: +49 163 seven seven 444 67

M: info at andreasmartini dot com



Indian Ink on Paper,
210 × 210 mm


All work © Andreas Martini 2021