“For an eye that never sleeps
All dreams vanish of themselves
If the mind does not lose itself in differences
The ten thousand things are of one single identity.”

Excerpt from the Sin-Sin Ming by Seng-Ts’an

atelier MARTINI
c/o Andreas Martini

Rothenburger Strasse 13
06193 Wettin-Löbejün

tel: +49.3460.180 280
mob: +49.163.77 444 67
mail: info.at.andreasmartini.dot.com

* 1979 
Reutlingen, Germany

2001 - 2007
Diploma Architecture,
University of Stuttgart

since 2007
CEO & founder of atelier MARTINI,
Studio for 3D Computer Graphics

I am an artist exclusively focused on drawing. I live and work near Leipzig, Germany.

My work is nourished by serenity and a sensitive but effortless observation of ‘what’s going on’. To me drawing is recording thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions from a welcoming perspective without any judgement or the slightest glimpse of resistance. While drawing I enjoy energy, balance and spaciousness emerging from the sum of all parts - as naive or ordinary the single fragment ever may appear.