Andreas Martini

“It seems to me that drawings [...] do not lament distance, but reply with a single word: here.”
John Berger

“The most revolutionary act is a clear view of the world as it really is.” Rosa Luxemburg

Andreas Martini is an artist and designer based near Berlin, Germany.


atelier MARTINI
c/o Andreas Martini

Rothenburger Strasse 13
06193 Wettin-Löbejün

T: +49 34607 one 80 280
T: +49 163 seven seven 444 67

M: info at andreasmartini dot com


“My work develops on fine art drawing and animation. While working I explore efficiency, simplicity and play - in both medium and motive. Practically lifting off from the experience, that the human mind basically is perceiving emptiness and effortlessly conscious, my designs strive for unconditioned acceptance and connectivity to everything appearing.“
- AM, 2021

All work © Andreas Martini 2021