Andreas Martini is an artist and designer based in Berlin and Halle (Saale) in Germany.

this portfolio represents his artistic endeavour dealing with fine art drawing and computer graphics.

*1979, de
studio near berlin, de

atelier martini
rothenburger strasse 13
06193 wettin-löbejün

+49 34607 one 80 280
+49 163 seven seven 444 67

“ i want the works to be light & direct, amazingly simple, marvelously anonymous and incredibly poor in their process and presence. like an antidote or a balm for all of us.”


“such art does not aim to produce theory. it may not even aim for anything. it invites its participant by opening up the vibrant dimension where it arises.”

Robert Thurman

“the secret is the paper. (...)
in a few great drawings (...) everything appears to exist in space, the complexity of everything vibrates - yet what one is looking at is only a project on paper.
John Berger

2021 © andreas martini